OK so I may have ordered myself books from Indigo and written little love-notes to myself as the ‘gift messages’ to be included in the parcel. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m alone on Valentine’s day.

9” by 12”, watercolour, pencil crayon, gouache and ink.
A beautiful fella with a pretty scarred beak.
I’m on a bird binge.
Blue Budgie
9” x 12”
Watercolours, pencil crayons, gouache on 140lb cold press paper.
This winter has been a bit of a tough one so far. Painting birds makes me feel better.

The Best (and Worst) of What I Read in 2013


I challenged myself to read 52 books in 2013. I ended up with a total of 41 which, though short of my goal, was significantly better than my tally of 29 the previous year. I haven’t included any non-fiction in this list, though I read a lot of farming reference books. Here are some of the…

I made a list of what I read in 2013 and what I thought about it over on my book blog. I don’t normally reblog non-art related stuff here, but a lot of what I draw and create is inspired by the literature I’m consuming at the time, so I think it’s relevant. Here’s a link for any who are interested <3

My biggest needle-felt yet: 4.75” wide by 3.5” deep by 3” tall!

I took a vacation from reality on this one and made some pretty pink toadstools. I really like it, especially the texture on the underside of the caps.

I used wool rovings, some of my handspun, and recycled yarns. The colours were a nice break from the bleak wintery weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks.

You can purchase this sculpture.

A test page for a mini-comic, featuring some things that a civilized toad might keep stocked in her pantry: leeks, dumplings, cherries, gin, chanterelles, hard cheese, cranberries, butter, smoked minnows, a shaker full of flies, hot cross buns, parasol mushrooms, bee jelly, yum!
I&#8217;ve not coloured a comic using watercolours before, so there is a definite learning-process going on here.
8&#8221; by 10&#8221;, watercolour-pencils and sepia ink on 90lb CP paper.
I like the look of both of these little guys together.

Another needle-felted miniature coral reef.

This one measures about 2.5” by 1.25” and stands 2” tall. I used some recycled yarns as well as some of my handspun. The pink roving is some lovely stuff I purchased from Baaad Anna’s in East Vancouver.

"What day is today?
It&#8217;s Oscar&#8217;s Birthday.
What a great day for a birthday,
Let&#8217;s all have some cake.&#8221;
Three years ago today I adopted of my cutie-patoo Oscar Tiberius. He &#8216;turns 7&#8217; today (we&#8217;re not sure of his actual birthdate so we celebrate on his adoption-day). It snowed a bunch today, which is great for him, because he loves snow!

This is my tiniest needle-felt yet, measuring 2” by 1.5” and standing 2” tall. Despite it’s size, it still took me about 4.5 hours to make.

I really love the colours and shapes found in tropical reefs. I’m still trying to figure out a way to replicate the lace-like textures and forms using wool rovings.

This little fellow is available at my storefront.